KeraGreen – Keratin Treatment​ 475ml

The first, non toxic, smoothing system on the market today that tames frizzy hair, cuts blow drying time down, and lasts up to 4 months.



Keragreen By LBD, Organic Keratin smoothing treatment are the original pioneers of the first, non toxic ,smoothing system on the market today that tames frizzy hair,cuts blow drying time down, and lasts up to 4 months. A treatment that is essential all year round for hair restoration,colour protection, and hair growth. Keragreen are able to help relax  the cuticle  and restore your hair magically, by using 18 amino acids taken from plants combined with jojoba and oilve oil with added high end sustainable and ethical organic ingredients that are cruelty free not tested on animals, and eco friendly.Our treatment is the best on the market so efficient, leaving you with a uv protection sealed for four months onto your hair. See incredible results such as beautiful shiny soft  tamed hair without using harsh chemicals ,that are currently used today.Our treatment will reduce your curl by 80-90% . The more treatments you have the greater the result. Or you can have your stylist just reduce the frizz still leaving your curl. Our treatment wont strip your hair colour or cause your hair to go yellow, as we do not use the potentially dangerous chemicals or added violet pigments like our competitors do that cause these issues. Our treatment can be applied by hand ,and can touch the scalp, without causing any irritation to skin, eyes ,throat and lungs. Using natural organic plant based ingredients that leaves a fresh smell on the hair. Try us today and see the difference and results of a treatment that’s been going for 12 years giving you the cutting edge of an Organic keratin that works, that addresses hair loss,hair restoration  and UV protection, without the toxic smells or fumes.Sold exclusive to salons around Australia and New Zealand. All wholesale enquiries welcome….GO GREEN WITH KERAGREEN…

For best results, before applying our KeraGreen Keratin and protein hair treatment it is highly recommended to wash hair with Keragreen Pre-Treatment Clarifying Shampoo twice leaving the second application on for five minutes then rinse throughly, dry off hair about 70 per cent then  Apply Keratin & protein hair treatment to hair in fine sections tension comb for a good 10 minutes and leave the product in hair for 10 -45minutes, depending on desired result, then proceed to ruffle hand blow dry (100% dry) then paddle or round brush blow dry , and seal from root to end with a flat iron with a maximum heat of 250 degrees (temperature may vary depending on hair type please look at directions). hair should be finished flat ironed well fine sections with tension and look shiny and soft 

Wash hair 3 or 4 days later. Client must use the proper maintenance products for best results like the Keratin protein shampoo, conditioner and hair mask or silk leave in treatment oil every second week.