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We protect our skin with sunscreen, we protect our faces with SPF in our foundations, but did you know that there are products with UV protection that can protect your tresses from the damaging effects of overexposure to the sun’s rays? You need to, because the sun is beautiful as well as powerful and it causes damage far beyond faded hair color.

Use Sun Protection for Hair

The damage your hair can sustain through massive hours from the UV in sunlight can significantly alter your hair cuticles and the porosity. Dry, brittle hair that’s faded and limp can occur from sun damage and it’s so unnecessary because there are ways to fight it. UV exposure can sap the hair of strength and elasticity and cause photo-oxidation, which triggers discoloration and fading in both natural and color-treated hair. According to a study by the Rene Furterer Research Center, after just three days of sun exposure, the scale-like cells that cover each individual hair shaft begin to pull off, making the hair dry, dull and brittle.


Hydrolyzed Collagen is a collagen hydrolysate derived from acid, enzyme or other method of hydrolysis. It consists of water-soluble peptides of various molecular weights. These peptides are rich in the amino acids found in Collagen, including L-glycine, L-proline and L-hydroxyproline.

We already know about the benefits of hydrolyzing proteins so they may be small enough to adsorb to your strands. Hydrolyzed collagen is one of those proteins that will also bind water to your hair by attracting and retaining it there. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is derived from bovine bone and cartilage and will temporarily bond the hair and stave off breakage when put under tension. It will improve the hair’s appearance, it will work in the outside of the hair to surround the hair and protect it.


Silk Protein, hydrolyzed is the natural lipids from palm oil combined with natural SILK derived protein (amino acids). … Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed is useful in elegant hair and skin preparations for its excellent moisture binding properties, repair, and feel.

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: Derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Forms a crystalline protective barrier on strands. Improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, increases shine (silk is known for it’s ability to hold 10,000 times it’s weight in water.).
forms a crystalline protective barrier because it is derived from silk, one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. It will improve your hair’s elasticity, resiliency, and increase the shine. L-CYSTEINE- for a Healthy and Beautiful Hair. …
L-cysteine is a protein-forming amino acid that helps protein building in the body:
L-cysteine plays an important role in keeping the overall hair health. L-cysteine is one of few amino acids that has the ability to form disulfide bonds in the body. These disulfide bonds hold together the keratin strands within the hair, which provide the hair with its fibrous properties that hold on to moisture and prevent hair dryness. Also, L-cysteine
directly helps in maintaining the texture and thickness of hair.
The most prominent of these layers is the middle one; the cortex. It makes up almost 80 – 90% of a single strand of hair. The cortex is abundantly supplied with keratin molecules bundled together that give strength to the hair follicles.


Vitamin B-5, or pantothenic acid, is an essential vitamin for hair growth and health. All of the B vitamins help your body process and use what you eat, thereby nourishing your hair follicles. While a deficiency in B-5 can result in hair loss, it is unlikely that taking more will treat hair loss if you are not already deficient. Talk to your doctor about your hair loss and before you begin consuming more B-5. Without this vitamin, your hair follicles will not get the nutrients they need to function properly. Over time, this can lead to a malnourishment of your follicles and result in reduced hair growth and even loss.


keratin is a natural protein that makes up most of your hair. The properties of keratin are amazing in that they can refresh dryness and damage. Keratin Complex’s revolutionary technology does not break the hair’s bonds, instead delivering the versatility of smoother, healthier-looking hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired. e. Keratin Complex’s signature keratin works effectively on all hair types. Our unique INGREDIENT (PLANT DERIVED) contain high concentrations of keratin that penetrate throughout the hair structure, and then are sealed within the cortex to repair damage

The Organic Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Finally! A non-toxic, Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Rich in organic ingredients and performs better than its toxic alternatives.


The NEW ORGANIC Keratin Treatment – KeraGreen!

After doing a thorough research of all the products in the market, I have come across the one and only HEALTHY alternative to the original Keratin Treatment. It is called KeraGreen, which is an Organic Keratin and Protein system that does an incredible job taming the hair and eliminating most of the frizz away.

The KeraGreen hair taming system contains organic ingredients, No Formaldehyde, and No Cylomethicone.
• There are no harsh fumes or smells
• No irritation
• No burning eyes

This Keratin and Protein Hair System is not just another keratin smoothing treatment; it is a complex Keratin and Protein Hair Restoration System that will deliver impressive results, time after time… KeraGreen uses superior natural ingredients and certified organic extracts that won’t expose the clients to unnecessary health risks, or further degrade the planet in which we live. The KeraGreen Keratin & Protein System is a complete restoration system with fantastic, smoothing results.

The innovative formulation and product line will deliver long lasting healthy hair that will improve after every treatment. The ingredients in the KeraGreen Keratin smoothing treatment are of the highest quality available. The plant-derived keratin and other vitamins and minerals deliver superb benefits to all hair types without any health risks.


Some Key Benefits of KeraGreen – Keratin

Smoothing Treatment:
• Contains natural and organic ingredients – is non-toxic
• Faster drying times with no residue
• Does not emit toxic smoke
• Does not irritate scalp – can be applied from the root
• Eliminates up to 80%/90% of the frizz, softens curls, produces high level of shine from its very first application.
• Seals in color & highlights and protects from fading
• Contains UV Protection (organic)
• More frequent treatments ensure a better result
• Helps reduce hair loss – with the addition of L-Cysteine.
• Full range of post-treatment products and Salon Maintenance System to ensure results are long lasting
• Results in manageable, silky, shiny and healthy hair
• Will last up to 4 months
• The more times you do it, the better the results will be each time

Market research and ingredients
Market research indicates that consumers are no longer seeking powerful and permanent hair-straightening treatments, but prefer more flexible hair-styling options. KeraGreen allows consumers to get an excellent result for straightening the hair without the permanent straightness of a permanent “Chinese-straight” hair style.

KeraGreen is the only organic-derived formulation for a keratin protein treatment system available on the market. The health of the hair is paramount in all preparations – KeraGreen is designed to improve the health and condition of the hair. The ingredients include HYDROLYSED collagen, silk and keratin, and L-Cysteine which are not found in competitors’ products, as well as 18 amino acids and proteins (more than competitors) to ensure the best result for the health of hair. As with all hair styling treatments, clients who have sensitivities or allergies should conduct a patch test (on the inner
elbow) 24 hours before proceeding with the treatment. Some people do have sensitivities to amino acids and proteins and these are key ingredients in our products.

Before and After



With the KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System you can go out on a rainy or humid day as well as enjoy the beach while still having soft, shiny and manageable hair. The KeraGreen system prevents the keratin from de- stabilizing, thereby maintaining new soft, silky, manageable hair for up to 3 months.

Our system has the added benefit of preventing hair loss in men and women thanks to the L-Cystine ingredient.
KeraGreen will always result in long-term improvement in the condition of the hair.